Be my ref


Referees and NSOs – we could not play without them! Sometimes it is hard to find officials, especially as Roller Derby Twente is neither in the Randstad area, nor do we have WFTDA-sanctioned games yet. Therefore, we are extra grateful for those officials that support us! One of these loyal officials is Mastermind!

As an independent referee, Mastermind is not affiliated with a specific league. Therefore, he often is head referee during games for leagues that do not yet have sufficiently experienced skating officials to fill the position themselves. As a skater, he is a represents Team Netherlands and in the past he skated for The Classy Cockroaches, Rotterdam’s men’s team. Almost half of his derby time Mastermind has been recently spent in France, where he, among others, acted as crew head for a number of tournaments in the French championships.

Mastermind“Knowing how to ref is helpful for everybody, also for players – they not only learn how to avoid penalties but also how to find the edge and use the rules to your advantage!” – Mastermind

As derby has grown so fast and there are lots of games to choose from, Mastermind takes part either in those that are good for progressing his skill level (and in turn his derby resumé) or in those he is personally interested in – because of the game, the atmosphere or the teams.

Mastermind found his way to Enschede when Tim(ber)! was still head referee at RDT and as they got along pretty well, he started coming more often. One of the things he likes most of Roller Derby Twente is that players are open and “gezellig” and it is kind of a (derby) home away from home. We sure love having Mastermind over, and are thankful for his contribution over the years!

Mastermind is currently living in Texas, USA